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Violin concerts and Gelatos- Arcadia musicians travel to Rome


The Cemala Chamber orchestra toured July 2-16 travelling to Rome, Florence and Venice in Italy where they played 3 concerts in historical buildings. – Courtesy Photos

by Andoni Zorbas

“CEMALA (Classical European Music Academy Los Angeles) and parents of CEMALA has provided opportunities for the children with talent to participate in the musical activities in Italy just returned from a successful concert tour, Players who were representing Arcadia and San Gabriel valley were Jamie Wang, Rachel Yin, Kaitlin Aquino, Dora Chang, Owen Lin, Alice Wang, Nolan Aragones, Ginger Vieth, Erica Wang, Kaitlin Chow and Helen Gu.
As a comprehensive violin school, CEMALA is committed to nurturing young extraordinary musical talents and to provide the opportunity to perform and this Italian concert tour was an eye opener to travel to the historical places where quality music was born.
It was a kind of cultural exchange between the Arcadia musicians and the Italian audience. The young musicians performed in very old historical buildings which incited passion in the young “CEMALINOS” to play with their maximum effort!! The experience was amazing because it was like uniting Los Angeles with Italy.
The Italian people were astonished of such an early age such a talent can be witnessed and to show the Italian people that as LA based youth musicians can play extremely well at a very young age!
It was an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.
The laughter, the dedication, the success, the fun, the hard work, all these elements when put together would best define the 2014 Italy concert tour and it would also best define CEMALA in general, because CEMALA is simply a special place for any artist because it is very rare to see an actual music school that nurtures talent to the point where there is no limit , because in CEMALA anything is possible. The director Magdolna Berezvai is willing to bring down the stars from the sky if that what it takes! Magdolna’s desire is to give something back to the students using her talent, knowledge, has strong recall and loyalty amongst the wider community in a very broad demographic around the world.. lifelong learning opportunities. The program helps develop early their love for music and sustain their discipline for achievements in their personal and professional lives.
These young musicians are very rare and this is why CEMALA will continue to grow and grow with no limits!!

IMG 5177

Traveling from Rome to Florence to Venice was simply an experience both musically and spiritually, because for young musicians to get invited back to Italy is simply an experience. When the concert was over in each city the audience said “We want them back!! They felt honored and it was very nice to hear because the kids really did play absolutely fantastic which blew away the audience! From Arcadia to Rome to Florence to Venice! Long flight! But every second was enjoyed to the fullest which is the most important element in an artist’s life is to enjoy his/her craft to the maximum because it is passion that motivates an artist to perform. These young children understand this passion which is what makes them unique!


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