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200 People exposed to chemical gases in Monrovia

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Ten people transported to hospital


At 11:05am today smoke was reported coming out of vents in a roof at 146 Railroad Avenue. An unknown resin was off gassing. At this time, Monrovia Fire, Health HazMat and AQMD (Air Quality Mgmt District) are on scene to identify the chemical and treat patients.
Approximately 200 people were exposed to the chemical gases, 45 became symptomatic, reporting dizziness and other symptoms. 9 have been taken to local area hospitals, 2 with immediate needs and IV support. The fire dept. and city officials are encouraging all those experiencing symptoms to be transported to area hospitals, but it is not mandatory. No firefighters have been exposed.
One of othe main thoroughfares in Monrovia, Myrtle Avenue, has been temporarily closed from Duarte Rd to the freeway to allow for ambulances to come in and out of the area.
Officials ash residents near the immediate area to shelter in place until the hazardous material can be identified and contained.
The material has not yet been identified. Railroad Avenue is mostly manufacturing. The company at 146 is AirLogistics.

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