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Need ‘Burgers and Fries’ plus a kid friendly bar? Go to Islands

If for no other reason, go to Island’s Burgers for the French fries.
Cooked to a golden brown and well seasoned, these baskets of fries come bottomless and they are plentiful. And don’t be afraid to ask for your very own vat of ranch dressing.
But, ah, yes, there is more to Islands than just fried spuds, said Stacie Reader.
You should go to Island’s “because it’s fun. It’s a great atmosphere,” Reader said.
From burgers to chicken sandwiches and everything else in between, Islands has a lot to offer, Reader said.
“It’s great food,” she said. “We have a lot of signature items, like the Toucan. It’s a chicken sandwich with teriyaki sauce and pineapple. It’s an Island’s tradition.”
She added there is a lot from the bar to choose from.
“We have beach bowls you can’t find anywhere else,” she said. “We have our signature Long Island Ice Tea that you can’t find anywhere else. It’ll get to you. It’s got the sweet taste, but it’s got the alcohol in there.”
And if you’re looking for a drink, Reader said try Island’s for happy hour.
“We actually have one of the best happy hours around,” she said. “We’re not really known for our happy hours, so that’s something we really want to get out there.”
But the bar at Island’s does have one unique feature, Reader said.
“Our bar is kid friendly,” Reader said. “You can go to the bar and sit with your children. There aren’t many bars where you can.”
And where there are many desserts from which to try, Reader has one in mind she really recommends.
“We have the best Kona pie,” she said. “The chocolate lava is really good, too, but I’d recommend the Kona pie. It’s got a mocha flavor to it.”
But back to the fries. Reader said preparing a day’s order of French fries is a major undertaking.
“Nobody realizes what goes into our fries,” she said. “We literally have 50-pound sacks of potatoes come in. We rinse them three times or more. We cut them by hand daily. We blanch them. There’s a whole process to make sure they stay fresh during the day.”
She added try the cheddar fries with ranch dressing or the chili fries with sour cream
And if you’ve never been to Island’s, Reader wants you to know this: “Try it. You’ll come back for sure. Our service is hands down the best.”
There are two Island’s Burgers locations in Pasadena, one at Paseo Colorado and one in Hastings Ranch. Entrees and salads range between $7 and $15.
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