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Why should YOU shop at the local Farmers Market?


Pasadena “Certified” Farmers Markets offer the best of produce that California grows seasonally, since 1980. Our farmers come from within a five-hour drive, considerably lessening the “carbon footprint” of your food source! Farmers from San Diego to Fresno, Santa Maria to the Salton Sea, attend the markets here weekly to bring you the freshest fruits and vegetables available for your eating pleasures. Varieties that you may not find in regular chain stores because these are picked at their freshest and don’t have to spend days getting to your store where they then wait for you to come along. These small farmers represent less than .02 percent of agriculture grown for the rest of the U.S. and the world! Agriculture is second only to tourism in California industry.

Learning to eat seasonally and locally gives plenty of variety to your daily diet and by learning who grows your food and where it comes from is what the term “Slow Food” nation is all about. Great meals begin with wonderful flavors, beauty, abundance, and pride of place—the small farms of California and farmers tending them. It is also a celebration of food traditions, emphasizing seasonal and regional qualities. Growing with sustainable methods and traceable to it’s source.

Whether it in your own kitchen, or in a restaurant like this one, seek local foods, flavors, and friends to share them. Hope to see you at a local market soon!

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