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County Jail Plan Dealt Major Setback

The Los Angeles County Jail Plan, the major effort to replace the Men’s Central Jail with a new Consolidated Correctional Treatment Center and renovate the Mira Loma Detention Facility, was once again delayed — further hindering progress on the development and construction of a new.

A motion was brought forward today which interrupts the forward progress of the County Jail Plan by requiring yet another independent assessment of diversion and treatment services needed inside the jails and available in the community.  The motion also stops work by AECOM, the contractor hired to prepare necessary documents to replace Men’s Central Jail, for 45 days — even though AECOM’s work does not interfere or affect the independent assessment.

Mayor Michael D. Antonovich and Supervisor Don Knave opposed parts of the Board motion, which unnecessarily halts the new Consolidated Correctional Treatment Center and places the County at risk for future litigation.  Most especially, it inhibits the County’s ability to house criminals to protect the general public.

“Delaying the replacement of Men’s Central Jail is a disservice to the inmates, Sheriff’s staff, and to taxpayers who are repeatedly saddled with costly litigation,” said Antonovich.  “We have an obligation to honor court imposed sentences and protect the victims of crime who suffer from a lifetime of trauma and live in fear.”

The Board of Supervisors had been discussing the jail plan for seven years before they requested an independent assessment of the jails over two years ago.  Based on that study, the Board adopted Option 1B last May which consisted of renovating the Mira Loma Detention Facility and replacing Men’s Central Jail with a Consolidated Correctional Treatment Center.  Today’s motion seeks another independent assessment that will review and update the previous independent assessment due to certain changes in the law such as the passage of Proposition 47 and split sentencing.


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