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Dorothy’s Place: In a Sling

By Dorothy Denne


Name your dominant hand (mine is my right); now using that hand and arm pick a 20-pound box of cat litter off the supermarket shelf and drop it into a cart. That’s what I did.

The trouble is, I forgot that I’m old and I lifted that 20-pound box with what has become a five-pound arm. When the box dropped into the cart, I heard a pop in my arm, gawdawful pain shot north and south and I couldn’t move my arm.

That is why right-handed me has had her right arm in a sling and is unable to use arm or hand.

It is amazing what I can do with one hand that is non-dominant. It is also frustrating what I cannot do.

I can peel a hard-boiled egg with my left hand only. How is that for talented? Before this happened I sometimes had trouble peeling one with both hands.

Getting dressed with one arm while not moving the other arm? Trust me, that is not as easy as peeling that egg was.

It is possible to brush your teeth without gouging an eye out, but the cheeks might take a bit of a beating. Of course, getting the food into your mouth that you will want to clean off later is no easy chore either.

Neither is opening a bottle of wine!

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